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Autopilot V2 
Advanced Air Management
AutoPilot V2 is one of the most advanced pressure-based air suspension control systems on the market. The V2 kit offers plenty of great features with easy installation. 

8 User Adjustable Presets
Program your favorite ride heights and easily adjust suspension dynamics to compensate for additional passengers and cargo. Set one for “all up” one for “all down” and anywhere in between. 

Super Compact Manifold
Our patent pending integrated manifold and ECU assembly makes installation simple with OEM quality wiring harness and only 3 wires to hookup to your electrical system: power, ground and ignition. Features large 6mm valves, integrated pressure sensors, and available with 1/4″ & 3/8″ line configurations. 

Any Compressor or Tank 
AutoPilot V2 can be purchased with any of our air tanks in aluminum or steel. We also offer compressor upgrades and dual compressor options. Have a tank and compressor already? Then get one of our “no tank/no compressor” kits.  Standard kits come in 1/4" lines, with a 380c compressor and 4 gallon tank. Message us for custom orders.

Easily Expand
Add an additional compressor for faster tank fill time and even greater reliability. Message us for details on the plug & play 2nd compressor harness.

New Air Lift Performance 3H and 3P
Most Advanced Air Management
3H and 3P is the latest and greatest in height and pressure based digital air management. 3H is height + pressure base digital air management system and 3P is a pressure only digital air management system. Both systems come with the Air Lift Performance 3 controller, a device that is truly amazing to hold and operate.

Free Mobile App

Take full control of your 3H/3P system with a FREE mobile app with no additional hardware needed, for all compatible devices.

Fully Integrated Manifold

By combining the ECU, pressure manifold, and Bluetooth module into one compact unit, the new manifold takes up less space than multiple components.

5 User Adjustable Presets

The system quickly adjusts to and maintains height and/or pressure presets with the push of a button.

Height + Pressure

3H system comes with everything needed for height and pressure control up front for the best value. Start driving in pressure mode and install height sensors later, without the need to purchase an upgrade kit.

Height Sensing Technology

3H height sensors give the system the ability to automatically adapt to changes in vehicle load by adding pressure to maintain the preset height.

Anti-Cross Loading + Axle Equalization

With the combination of pressure and height sensing technology combined, 3H can achieve the correct height without radical differences in pressure.

Show Mode

Turn your vehicle off and continue to control your air management via the controller or FREE mobile app.

Rise on Start

Turn the key and the system will take you right to your programmed ride height or ride pressure.

Easy Install

The key components of this system require less drilling, wiring, and take up less space than other air management systems for a cleaner install.